A little behind on updates, training comes first ☺️.


Back on April 27th, accomplished a milestone that I've been waiting for ever since I started my Ironman journey.  Running a half marathon, and it finally arrived on my training schedule!  I was extremely pleased with my first crack at 13.1 miles ... finished the run in about two hours.

Not really used to running that distance, about the halfway point I could start feeling the toll, and quickly noticed my pace increasing.  I stayed strong, and kept pushing, keeping my pace in the 9:30 min range, but the last two miles were tough, and it was difficult to keep a sub 10:00 min mile.

But I did it, and had a great average pace for my first attempt!

It was also crazy just looking at the GPS map of my run, and seeing how far it was.  If you are familiar with the western Washington area, it was from Redmond to Woodinville and back.  Really puts things into perspective ... not to mention looking at what doing a marathon will look like!!!

Super proud of hitting this milestone, and I'm feeling ready to tackle the next one in running ... the full 26 miles at Ironman Coeur d'Alene!


Just yesterday, I took the next step in my swim training ... my first open water swim.  I was really nervous about this one, and a bit scared yesterday.  I've never really swam in open water (ocean, lake, river, etc...) before.  On top of that, I've NEVER worn or swam in a wetsuit before.  So we're talking a big giant cluster <blank> of unknown.  I hate the unknown!

I did it ... swam 882 yards!

You don't really know what to expect, until you get out in the water.  The wetsuit was weird, not going to lie.  It felt very suffocating, being squeezed into this tight suit.  Took a little bit to get used to the more restricted breathing, and the scary feeling of water slowly filling up inside the wetsuit.  Then you launch into your swim, putting your head down and taking your first couple of strokes, and all you see is darkness 😧!  That was probably the most nerve wrecking part of the entire experience.  Just black.  It's very unsettling, and not to mention disorienting.  I quickly got all turned around, and ended up going in a direction I did not start in, haha!

Perhaps, I just need to build my fitness level with open water swimming ... But, it's exhausting.  Everything felt 10 times more difficult then just swimming in a pool in your swim suit.  The buoyancy of the wetsuit was extremely helpful, and felt like I was just gliding through the water.  It was also good, because all the energy I generally had to give to keeping my body up in the pool, could be diverted into just swimming, which I needed every last ounce.

It's kind of funny.  The entire time I was out in the lake, all I could tell myself ... "I swear to god, if something brushes against me, bumps into me, or just touches me out here ... I'm going to freak the fuck out, and I'm done ... no more swimming for me!"

So far that hasn't happened yet, but I'm pretty sure that's what I'll do if and whenever that happens 😝!

I had my second open water swim today, and I already notice a difference.  Felt more confident, and greatly improved sight lines while swimming.  Granted, I was keeping my head up most of the swim.  Just to be on the safe side, and I forgot my nose clip in my car ... didn't want a bunch of lake water going up my nose.

It feels like I'm starting over again with swimming.  Having to climb this gigantic mountain again.  It's hard not to think I'm taking a million steps backwards, but in reality I'm not, I'm taking a million steps forwards.  It will be interesting to see how these swims progress.  Not to rush or anything, but they need to start with the progressing, because June 3rd is my first ever triathlon!

I'm encountering a lot of firsts since starting this journey.  I'm not sure how to really top all of this.  But I'm getting too ahead of myself.  Let's finish this journey first ☺️

Happy training!

Update: 05/25/2017 - Swimming
Slight correction now that I've gone back to pool swimming since my open water swims.  I mentioned it felt harder to swim in open water.  Boy, I was wrong, haha.  Going back into the pool, I totally noticed a difference.
Both have their unique challenges, but it felt harder to swim in the pool.  The wetsuit really removes your body from the equation.  When I was swimming in the pool last night, I could feel the added stress on the shoulders, mainly due to just having to drag the dead weight of you body through the water.  The wetsuit pretty much cancels that feeling and stress out completely.
It was weird getting back into the pool, and just feeling all the discomforts with having to deal with heavy body drag, and everything.  In the pool I feel a lot in my shoulders, and when I was in the lake, with my wetsuit, it was a nice not having to feel anything in my shoulders.
Just an interesting observation going back and forth between the disciplines.  I'm sure it's all known knowledge for many, but new experience for me.